Bring Human Rights + Equity Work to Your Team

Nicole Bernhardt is an experienced trainer, investigator and mediator in the fields of equity, anti-harassment, and human rights. She has contributed her support and expertise in many difficult situations for her clients, the results of which have consistently led to change for the better.

Below are some of the various ways you can work with Nicole and engage her for her Remedial (solving an existing issue) or Awareness (pre-emptive equity training) services.

Her work and services have spanned clients in the private sector, government ministries, and not-for-profit organizations. What all of her clients have in common is a commitment to building equity and inclusion into their team culture.

Awareness training in equity, anti-harassment and human rights is a powerful place for many teams to begin. These sessions focus on specific areas of training which are based on each client’s individual needs and requirements, and provide engaging modules on how to address discrimination in the workplace.



  • Discovery meeting(s)
  • Content development
  • Participant workbook
  • Training delivery
  • Outcomes debrief, post-training
  • Lunch & Learns
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As a trained Mediator, Nicole is well-versed in supporting her clients in conflict-resolution. As a Mediator, her engagements typically involve an assessment of the issue, mediation between parties, and a report following the completion of the session.




  • Discovery meeting(s)
  • Critical assessment of the situation
  • Mediation session
  • Training building session
  • Formal settlement documentation
  • Post-session report
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Investigating workplace discrimination or equity issues can be very sensitive and risky for many organizations. Nicole always treats her investigations with the utmost care, confidentiality and integrity. Should you require an investigation into an equity-related issue, Nicole’s neutrality and expertise ensure that the situation is handled appropriately and respectfully.





  • Consultation to assess scope and required interviews
  • Formal agreement on the process, scope and product of the investigation
  • Interviews with pre-identified parties
  • Review of policies, procedures and pertinent documents
  • In-depth assessment, clear determination and findings
  • Workplace recommendations (if desired)
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Nicole is also a sought-after keynote speaker and is keen to share her story-telling expertise in the media. Should you be interested in hiring Nicole for an upcoming event or inviting her to comment on radio, television or your blog, please make a request through her contact page.

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